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  • Scott Logo
    McKinley Trekking Pole Collection
    McKINLEY's Migra 08 is a lightweight and compact aluminum and carbon pole for all-year outdoor activities including hiking, trekking, or ski touring. Thanks to its folding mechanism, the pole with extended foam grip breaks down to about a third of its original length.
  • Vaude Logo
    Vaude Tsali
    A clever mix of mountain boot and bike shoes ensure a perfect grip on rock as well as on klick-pedals. We are very happy and proud to announce, that the Vaude Tsali was the Winner of the Eurobike Award 2016. Be sure, they sell real well!
  • Scoot and Ride Logo
    Scoot & Ride Highwaykick
    Our newest project together with our long-term partner Scoot & Ride: Highwaykick 1. The perfect item for kids from 1 to 5 due to it's increased stability in combination with the Scoot and Ride signature 2in1 push-bike to scooter feature.
  • Scott Logo
    Scott Travel Collection
    Cover and protect your private travel stuff. Anytime, if for sports or for private use, SCOTT Travel Collection was especially developed for modern people. Stylish and puristic in design, combined with high protective features - ready-made for your journey now!
  • Scott Logo
    Scott Helmet Couloir
    We accompanied the project from the first steps of crazy ideation until pre-production in Asia. Its special challenge was to meet both, ski and mountaineering safety standards. Be sure, we have spent a lot of time in front of the mirror for creating a perfect and flattering helmet shape.
  • Scott Logo
    McKinley Backpack Tilichio
    McKinleys Tilicho 32+8 II is the perfect backpack for ski touring, climbing, or hiking in high-alpine terrain. It has an adjustable top lid to expand the pack’s capacity from 32 to 40 liters. It allows you to pack smarter and to carry all the necessary gear with you without compromising safety or comfort.
  • Orthomove Insoles
    For the idea of a clever insole system for customer and consumer lead a whole marketing system was invented to transport the idea and spirit of the ready to wear orthomove insoles. Two different systems ensure a perfect service for all market requirements.
  • Scott Logo
    SBB Backpack
    This backpack was specially designed for our customer SBB (swiss railway company) to meet all the needs of their employees and customers. Nearly everything you might need on the road you will find it in this backpack.


At DEC we believe that a strong dialogue between clients and us is quintessential for a smooth working process. From the very first minute that we get in touch, we listen to our clients very carefully. After so many years of cooperation with our clients our credo is that it is fundamentally important to have full control in all steps of the products‘ development process. This is why we offer to hand over a full package of services instead of rough ideas only. The balance between futuristic concepts and feasible solutions is our so called ‘TOTAL SOLUTION DESIGN APPROACH’. We are creative when it is time for it, we are realistic when there is need of it and we are visionary every minute. We just simplify and start!

we thrive on challenging projects

  • see the forest for the trees
  • creative meeting
  • crosslink thinking
  • future technologies
  • fact finding
  • strategy & marketing
  • As a company we are never leaving the harbour without having a detailed road map to where we want to steer with our clients. Before our creatives start their engines a balanced evaluation of possible markets sets the base of future concepts. Precise brand positioning and a strategically executed mind map are the logical consequence of this process.
  • concept
  • ideation
  • design
  • # by hand
  • # computer aided
  • LAB & FIT

Over so many years we have gathered our real extended experience from all our projects, anyway if small or complex. All of them influence our work on every new project and allow us to be prepared well to start any new challenge with our customers.

our offices and contact infos

D&E Austria

We’d love to meet you personally or via web!

If you have any further queries regarding our services or activities don´t hesitate to get in touch with us! For general enquiries please call our head office in Austria 00 43 7248 61582 or contact us by Email!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Main Office: Steiffstrasse 1, 4710 Grieskirchen, Austria
Phone: 00 43 7248 61582

D&E Switzerland

If you have any further queries regarding our services or activities don´t hesitate to get in touch with us! You may contact d&e Swiss Team at our regional office in Switzerland via 0041 31 720 30 92 or contact us by Email!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Swiss Office: Moosstrasse 2, 3113 Rubigen, Switzerland
Phone: 0041 31 720 30 92